Rika Matsumoto

Anime Role Picture
Dirty Pair Flash Kei
Gokusen Fujiyama-sensei
Outlaw Star Jim Hawking
Perfect Blue Rumi
Phantom Quest Corp. Ayaka Kisaragi
Pretty Sammy Chihiro
(Sasami's Mother)
Shamanic Princess Graham
Shamanic Princess Japolo
Shinesman Yota Matsumoto
Trigun Kite
(Episode 6 - 8)
Vandread Fanieta
(Episode 9)
You're Under Arrest Futaba Aoi

Name = Leading Role
Name = Supporting Role
Name = Minor Role

Click here for a text only listing of her roles, in most cases it's more complete and more up to date.

Personal Details:
- Born November 30 1965 in Yokohama
- Height: 1.60 m (5' 3''), Weight: 48 kg (106 lb)


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