WPJ 2 Translation Project Page

This page will inform you about my project of translating the Nintendo 64 game "Wonder Project J 2" from japanese into english, something I've been working on since September 2005.
This translation is a ROM translation in the traditional sense, it's not a texture pack to use with an emulator plugin like a certain other translation attempt for the N64.

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I'm not sure if I can call the project absolutely complete yet, but a complete patch is available.
Before you start downloading, here a little recommendation for you: use Nemu64 plus Rice's Video Plugin to emulate the game (read the readme.txt included with the patch for more details about the emulation).

Download V1.0

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What you'll get with V1.0 is a patch free of any major bugs, that has been tested on a real N64 and that translates all of the text.
There are only two graphics that are not translated, one is the second title screen and the other is the game over screen.
I probably will never touch the game over screen (Game over screen? Well, maybe more like 'Josette needs a repair' screen), but I would like to see the second title screen translated some day. I have no problems with hacking the graphics, I just need an edited image to put in there.
If anyone's interested in doing this, you can use Rice Video Plugin 6.1.0 or higher to dump the textures of the title screen. The dumped textures will include the palette, make sure you use only colors from that palette. The text on that screen says "Corlo no Mori no Josette" - "Josette from Corlo Forest", by the way.

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Other than that, there's only minor stuff to do, for example correcting the position of the word "day" on the diary screen. Or centering some text properly. I'd also like to try to fit all the changes I made to the ROM within the original ROM size.
But nothing of that is really important for the overall game experience.
So no need to hold back, go ahead and try the game. I hope you'll have some fun with it.

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Ryu 2006 - 2007